Japan 2016

This has been a long time in the making! We travelled to Japan at the end of 2016 for two weeks to see Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshima, Labyrinth Festival and everything in between. 

It was two of the most exciting and eye opening weeks I have experienced and we created memories that will never leave us. 

As you can imagine, I took a lot of photos along the way. I photographed anything that took my eye, the problem with that is that pretty much everything took my eye. So there was a lot to sort through and a lot of culling to do. 

So finally, I have completed this task (to a degree) so that I could create a gallery of our trip! 

(click on “Folio” for the full collection) 

Simple Form

An exciting merge of two stores Simple Form + Neutral Instinct announced that they were joining forces over the weekend and I was fortunately asked to come in and photograph the new fit-out and window for them. 

The new store is full of some really amazing and unique pieces which all come together and create a beautiful store which I really enjoyed photographing. 

Make sure you go down to the store and have a look! 


ONA Camps Bay - Camera Bag

Too often do photographers settle with a mundane Lowepro/Crumpler style bag (no offence) to carry their kit in. Don’t get me wrong, they are tried and tested to be a very good option to keep your gear safe and accessible. But they just don’t look great and they definitely scream “I have camera gear inside!”. 

I spent a good few weeks trawling the web reading reviews and watching videos on youtube of people testing different camera bags. I went from the heritage listed Billingham, to the trusty Domke F2 then to the in-style Langly Alpha-Pro and to several in between to eventually decide on the ONA Camps Bay backpack. 

The guidelines were simply to look good, carry a basic kit, to be securely padded and not to look like a traditional camera bag. After checking out the Camps Bay in-store I was pretty much blown away by the craftsmanship instantly and knew that this was the winner. 

Without going into a review type post, its a very very nice bag and has enough space to carry my MF kit and have space for bits and pieces when travelling. Not a cheap bag, but definitely a bag built to last a very long time! 

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